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Season 21 Round 7 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II


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Here's a basic game to ease back into the season.  Thanks for your support and patience during the hiatus.  I'll be on schedule again every two weeks  going forward.  Please let me know if there's something you're itching to play.  I know it's been a while.  Game on!


193337104_TMNT2Cartridge.png.e3d709f3e175bdefc7415b20dbd1b808.png 1303141097_TMNT2Screenshot.png.bd92df758d18a91ea29133ba357d22da.png


Game Rules:
No Continues



Score Post Deadline: Sunday February 19 at 11:59 PM CST.


AtariAge High Score:

788 by Nutsy Doodleheimer posted on 2/9/2016


Scores as of 2/19:

mbd39        767
asponge      133
fakecortex   132


Season Standings:



General HSC Season Rules:

  • To participate, just post a score to the thread. Anyone can join in at any time.
  • A picture or screenshot is encouraged when posting a score but not required.
  • The season is 15 rounds long.
  • Games will be posted on Sundays and run two weeks through Sunday at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Do not exploit game glitches, take advantage of 1-up loops or intentionally die in order to replay a level.
  • If "point pressing" is not specified in the game rules you should be moving forward in an attempt to complete/loop the game and not "camping" for points.
  • No emulator save states, slow-mo, rewind, etc.
  • No cheats, e.g. Konami code, Game Genie, etc.
  • Turbo controllers are allowed.
  • Season points are awarded according to the following chart:
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I think this game is a lot easier than TMNT3. Most bosses are fairly easily dispatched with jump kicks and your special move (A then B in rapid succession... some roll their thumb whereas I like to use my first two fingers on the buttons) kills most regular enemies in one hit. TMNT3 has the tougher enemies and bosses as well as being much longer.


The last two bosses are a pain though. Krang takes an ungodly amount of hits, and Shredder has a cheap insta-death beam.


I wish the easy point pressing such as with the sewer boss didn't exist. So many NES games are kind of broken in terms of scoring. It's hard to avoid getting some extra points accidentally.




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