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What happened here?


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12 hours ago, Keatah said:

What's with all the useless space? What's the reasoning? The amount of of scrolling (to scroll through pointless whitespace) is like double now. An example of changes being made just to make changes without any thought behind them..?

I am not seeing this in my browsers, I checked Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.  I also took a look at my phone. This might be related to a Forum Cover Photo application I had enabled briefly yesterday, but that should only affect forums where there is a cover image installed, and this isn't one of those forums.  At any rate, I disabled it after it was causing an unrelated issue.  When that's resolved and I re-enable it, I will make sure the above issue isn't present (assuming that's what caused it). 



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7 minutes ago, Keatah said:

I figured it was something like that.


BTW: Signing out allows me to view the forums as they used to be. Signing in makes the ugly blackspaces return.

You should not be seeing that at all, I disabled that application yesterday evening.  Please try clearing your cache for AtariAge.com, that may help.  I haven't seen anyone else report that they are seeing this, and I am not seeing it myself across multiple machines and browsers.  If you are still seeing it, please give me a specific URL you're seeing it with so I can investigate further.


Thank you,



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