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Vectrex won't display the game, only 3 lines.


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I saw this vectrex for sale for $400 yesterday but it won't display the game. The audio comes through clearly and it's different for every cartridge so I know its reading it but it won't display anything but 3, sometimes 2 lines. The seller said it displayed some of the games when he first got it recently but now it won't. Does anyone know what is wrong with it?




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Hi Bailey7. I don’t have a solution for your issue but your screenshots look quite similar as what I get on my Vectrex since Saturday. Beside the other issue I described in my thread:
„no picture when cold start - missing -13VDC“


would you mind to have a look to my screenshot and compare? I am wondering whether “your” Vectrex was moved before it got its issue? That’s what I did on Saturday a few hours before it started to fail. If I understand correctly the games are working, so you can hear the game sound?


I am wondering whether there is somebody in this forum who knows the root cause. I did replace the 6522 on mine but it did not help


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