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JagStudio v1.11 Released


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Hi all,


Finally we have a new release of JagStudio!  Please see the main features/changes in the list below.  This also includes the latest version of the RAPTOR API (2.0.31).


The new version is attached to this post.   The https://reboot-games.com/jagstudio/ website has also been updated with the new download and online docs.


1.11        2023-02-10

* Added        build.sh added for Linux users. (Many thanks to WillT and djhardrich).
* Added        New EEPROM functions - Including separate User Data reading/writing.
* Added        RetroHQ GameDrive Support and example BASIC project (jaguargd).
* Added        LSP Sound and Input Engine (https://github.com/ericde45/LSP_Jaguar).    See example 'lsp_test'.
* Added        BigP Emulator as a build option use 'build projectname bigp'  (Massive thanks to Rich Whitehouse for permission to include this).
                            Please see: https://www.richwhitehouse.com/jaguar/ 
* Added        Team Tap support.  Please see docs and the new example 'teamtap'.
* Added        Flash Check.  This gives the ability to detect the kind of Cart the game is running on.  See example 'flashcheck'.
* Added        Font palette switching/loading - see project "fontpalettes".
* Added        jsfClearBuffer function.  Utility function to clear a chunk of memory (not designed for performance).
* Added        New Array "rapSpriteTableStarts" contains 16 longword entries that point to the beginning address of each sprite object list (when using multiple lists).
* Added        Ability to _pack any other type of asset file in assets.txt .  See example 'lsp_test'.
* Added        New example project 'scaling'.  Simple demo showing how to scale a sprite.
* Added        Split screen Tile Maps now possible.  See the Tile Map section of the docs for the variables.  RAPTOR API contains a split screen example (No JS Example yet).
* Added        Tile Map variable to support setting Tile gfx bit depth (See raptor_map_bitdepth in rapapp.s).
* Updated    BREAKING CHANGE: rapHiscoreSort - Now requires the player name in the second function parameter. Eg. rapHiscoreSort(table_to_sort, name).


Enjoy and have fun!




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As noted by a few people, there is a rather stupid (on my part) issue with RAPCollide (or in Raptor, the RAPTOR_GPU_COLLISION function).


The issue:

  • Anywhere else objects are referenced by their object ID for any object, in any list, starting at 0 in the first list to 'x' in the final list.
  • For collide, the object ID resets to 0 for each new list

This will be changed in the next release of RAPTOR so that objects for collide do not reset to 0 for each new list.


The easy fix:

  • Have something like LIST2START=LastObjectInList1+1
  • In the rapcollide call you can then do (ObjectID-LIST2START) for the parameters
  • Once I make the change, you can then set LIST2START=0

Why didn't I notice this? Because I usually start with a game and add everything else around it (Menus, etc) - so all the colide functions are on the first list.



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Hi, new to the forum so plz bear with me if i pose something thats been asked last  year. I recently found out about jagstudio and having owned an St and Ste and (probably one of the few people in this place) an actual jag i took some intrest in it, it runs fine on linux, which is great since i dont have a windows install anymore. I wonder what the current state of development / support / documentation / tutorials is, is development still active, will there be more updates? Im personally not really interested in doing 3d on machines that can at best do lowpolygon and i dont thats needed either looking at stuff like lester (c64) old towers (st /c64/ megadrive / ...) boxx (amiga) , coinzaremine (ZX spec) and about 100 others post 2020 "neo-retro" games i dont really think its needed other than as a demo either b/c the machines simply werent built for that but to each its own ofcourse and i thoroughly enjoyed late night sessions of AVP, quite immersive at the time and tempest 2000 will probably be one of my alltime fav games forever (mister fpga could use a jag core tho, im stuck playing it on the sega saturn which is buggy as hell).


So that part isnt really my goto even if im always interested to see new stuff , jagstudio looks pretty solid (im checking out the basic for starters) but it also looks like it has room for improvement (and also the docs and lack of tutorials next to the sample projects)


So im just asking, if theres already a thread or post on it by all means redirect me to it :) its a bit hard at a glance, for instance if the OP is so much faster why is there a blitter at all but the examples are readable and the basic langauge is pretty straightforward, looks like its made to compile to fast routines using a limited basic instruction set. Im all for it


so im just asking (lol) if and when and what the current state of development on jagstudio is (any links to tutorial sites and tools are also appreciated)

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Yes its still maintained yes we have real lives so updates arent frequent yes the docs need additional work so you should follow along the quick start guide thats included and look at how all the examples work and ask specific questions in this forum if you get stuck

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4 hours ago, Sporadic said:

Yes its still maintained yes we have real lives so updates arent frequent yes the docs need additional work so you should follow along the quick start guide thats included and look at how all the examples work and ask specific questions in this forum if you get stuck

well yes, real lives can get in the way of progress, i wasnt trying to be pushy or something its just a lot of projects best will o the world get hung up over the years, thanks for answering so fast 

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