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JagStudio v1.11 Released


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Hi all,


Finally we have a new release of JagStudio!  Please see the main features/changes in the list below.  This also includes the latest version of the RAPTOR API (2.0.31).


The new version is attached to this post.   The https://reboot-games.com/jagstudio/ website has also been updated with the new download and online docs.


1.11        2023-02-10

* Added        build.sh added for Linux users. (Many thanks to WillT and djhardrich).
* Added        New EEPROM functions - Including separate User Data reading/writing.
* Added        RetroHQ GameDrive Support and example BASIC project (jaguargd).
* Added        LSP Sound and Input Engine (https://github.com/ericde45/LSP_Jaguar).    See example 'lsp_test'.
* Added        BigP Emulator as a build option use 'build projectname bigp'  (Massive thanks to Rich Whitehouse for permission to include this).
                            Please see: https://www.richwhitehouse.com/jaguar/ 
* Added        Team Tap support.  Please see docs and the new example 'teamtap'.
* Added        Flash Check.  This gives the ability to detect the kind of Cart the game is running on.  See example 'flashcheck'.
* Added        Font palette switching/loading - see project "fontpalettes".
* Added        jsfClearBuffer function.  Utility function to clear a chunk of memory (not designed for performance).
* Added        New Array "rapSpriteTableStarts" contains 16 longword entries that point to the beginning address of each sprite object list (when using multiple lists).
* Added        Ability to _pack any other type of asset file in assets.txt .  See example 'lsp_test'.
* Added        New example project 'scaling'.  Simple demo showing how to scale a sprite.
* Added        Split screen Tile Maps now possible.  See the Tile Map section of the docs for the variables.  RAPTOR API contains a split screen example (No JS Example yet).
* Added        Tile Map variable to support setting Tile gfx bit depth (See raptor_map_bitdepth in rapapp.s).
* Updated    BREAKING CHANGE: rapHiscoreSort - Now requires the player name in the second function parameter. Eg. rapHiscoreSort(table_to_sort, name).


Enjoy and have fun!




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