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Pookie Cong: My Fantasy 7800 game


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I've been making fantasy Pookie Cong Jr levels for about a week and I'm finding it very relaxing. I like to imagine new ways of playing and borrowing many aspects. I have a number of other levels made but not adapted to the 7800 graphics. I have much of the fun bits in my head. 

Pookie is headed for trouble! 

If Pookie doesn't stop Markio from filling his house with love, poor Dookie Cong will be forgotten and sink under! Oh no!

Level 2 has Pookie inserting keys in a certain order. I think a green lock would better. It could make a neat sound every time it changed. The order would be harder on later levels. 

The "POW" works similar to the Pac-Man power pellet.  The creatures slow down and can be caught for multiplier points.  (400) (800) (1200) (etc)


I like thinking of these designs but then I can't stop. An idea leads to the next board and then I have to do another.  It's still fun. Hope soneone digs...





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