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Was the Batman the Movie game driving level "3D" source code ever used for any other games?

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Ocean didn't make a lot of driving games, the only 'driving' game they released I think after this was Chase HQ 2 (I know of) and that had a different set of programmers. So I think (unless the guys responsible for this took their source code with them) it is unlikely. Surprising really as Ocean are notorious for sprite switching identikit platformers on the same engine, and this must have been a big seller.

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It's a great game for the ST, a real "who needs custom chips when you have talented developers?" game. I would have been mightyly impressed back then.


Chase HQ 1 was supposed to use this engine, Bracey told ZZAP! magazine etc as much and the preview screenshots are far superior and look more like the arcade, but that was a Continental Circus reskin. Chase HQ is a different game engine again completely and for me not as good. Batman the movie on ST isn't that far off Batman Returns for the Mega-CD all things considered. 

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