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[WIP] Grocery Game


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Grocery Game




In Grocery Game, you play as a professional shopper who must quickly clear the shelves before the time runs out.  Avoid slip hazards from falling cans (which you can catch), shopping carts, spiders, pests, and other shoppers as you rush to grab every last can on the shelf! 


There are also bonuses you can collect along the way, whether an invincibility that lets you shop with no worries in the world for a limited time, additional time, or if you finish before time is up you get additional points!


You can either grab cans from the bottom shelf by holding the fire button and pressing up or down or jump to reach cans on the top two shelves by walking as close to the shelves as possible and pressing fire.


Every few rounds you can earn tips by throwing a ball at the top shelf.  Hit the coins and get more points! 


This game is 99% done and just needs a little testing to check for balance.  This was just a fun little game I put together to learn how to scroll the screen.


This is a single player game.  The second player joystick just kind of toggles values for testing right now so don't touch it! lol





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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Grocery Game on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!






UPDATE! The time has changed to 6PM PT and has been updated in the post as unfortunately Darcy is feeling under the weather and can't make it for an early show. See you tonight!

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Thank you @ZeroPage Homebrew for testing this out.

I looked it over today and I think I found a way to make grabbing boxes off the first shelf a bit easier and less likely to cause rage. Before I checked the coordinates of the arm and the box but that was a bit unforgiving, as if you were a pixel off from part of the arm the box wouldn’t be taken despite touching. Hopefully my changes make it a bit easier. I also looked at changing the timer to see if more time is needed per level but haven’t started changing the counter until I see if the new shelf grabbing works. 

As for that part where it just cut to the title screen, I have no clue. I will have to watch the video and see what exactly happened because at first I thought I had some broken goto statement but didn’t see one when I did an audit in VbB. The only way I got a similar action was if I pressed the second joystick fire button or a directional. If I somehow pressed that and was pressing something on the first joystick it kicked me back to the main screen instead of the game over or next level screen. Maybe one of the cats did something lol…


Hopefully I find out the cause. I guess I’ll downgrade this game to 98% complete. 

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4 hours ago, KevKelley said:

Thank you @ZeroPage Homebrew for testing this out.


You're welcome! Always a fun time playing your job themed games! 🙂


4 hours ago, KevKelley said:

Maybe one of the cats did something lol…


Usually it's the cats' fault, hahah. Even when it isn't, it's easier to blame the cats, that's what we always do!


- James

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