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Question about ports

Remixed or Plain?  

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  1. 1. How would you like your inty ports?

    • Exactly the same as the 2600 (i.e. Stampede, Pitfall)
    • Arranged version, most of the basic elements intact, with exclusive features utilizing the Intellivision's strengths

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If you are coming from 2600 up to Inty, then take advantage of the better system.  Do things that you wanted to be done on the Atari that you couldn't, but now the Inty opens more doors for you.


Like those old Plimpton ads.


Better graphics, better sound effects, background music, etc.  Which would you choose?



If you are stepping down, such as from C64 or NES down to Inty, then it may be enough for a "shot for shot" conversion.  


it really depends on the game.



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BITD, any game that was a straight conversion (say something like Activision's Stampede) was a bit of a disappointment. 

Even if it was still a good game, it's on superior hardware: why wouldn't you jazz things up at at least a bit?

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