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Push content publishing - The Bubble Witch Project and Candy Factory

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The Bubble Witch Project and Candy Factory installed themselves as part of the new push content AI.


GamesThatInstallThemselves.JPG.d616742279c0b81aa5463256811bdd95.JPG OS12Encom.jpg.11b134a9f75a0274ca07891a7e92b47f.jpg

I didn't want either release, but if the AI could go out and find Candy Factory for the Dragon32 or Color Computer and install that version with an emulator that would be really cool. The AI for push content needs work, Windows 10 2016 did not do this, feature feels like OS 12.


I like the PlusCart gamemodem push content publishing for the Atari where I find new interesting retro releases that I am interested in.


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