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Seeking SegaScope Twitch capturing advice


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Hello. I know this is the Sega Master System high score list but there's no general Sega Master System category so I assume stuff pertaining to the SMS that's not high scores would be welcome to since it has no separate forums. 


 I know some people shoot cameras through the eyepiece of a camera to make a capture of a camera.


I got two working cameras about an inch apart and when I put a Sega Scope 3D glasses in front of the two lenses,for some strange reason it does not want to capture right.


The similar commando capture method of just taking two raw cameras and putting a filter in front of them namely 3d goggles did work for my PlayStation 3D TV as I captured Xbox 360 footage of Sonic Generations.


But Sega Scope footage is not capturing right.


It looks like it always captures the same instant on both cameras which is always closed on the red eye.


This makes me think it's an issue with all cameras on OBS sharing the same sync and the left eye which I die red in the test, to see if I could do an anaglyph, always seem shots because there's no red when I point the picture at it.


Also it seems like if you put the lens right up to the filter it doesn't quite look right but if you back it up maybe the width of a typical eyeglass it'll be the right distance where it'll focus.  Should I mount some glssses frames in front in front of the dummy Sega scope (dummy by the fact that the arms of the Sega Scope earpieces are gone but the shutter mechanism still works) to give it the proper space it needs to apparently work.


Also wondering if there's a digital solution for that that'll automatically separate left and right eye frames.  I know there's a program called bino3d, but the problem is it only works on pre-rendered footage and I'm trying to find something that works on live footage.  Any ideas?

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Had a problem with 30 Hertz cameras always capturing on the left eye closed because I saw a picture with no red in it.


So I thought get some 15 Hertz cameras and I'll be able to capture both eyes accurately.


I did and both eyes capture.


I think the Sega Master System 3D uses 240p * 15 frames * 2 eyes alternating.  If so that would explain why some cameras are too fast to capture the Sega Master System Sega Scope 3d.


Last night I did a little footage on Twitch.  Go to twitch.tv/tripletopper and look for the footage that was captured after midnight today (April 4 2023) New York time during the overnight.


Btw, use red and cyan glasses and see if the 3d effects are good.  



I can do a full color version.  But it requires a 32x9 version and cooperation from 2d viewers to zoom into one eye.


I'm hoping someonr can build a live Twitch converter tk from Google Cardboard to 3dtv (16x9 SBSH) 2d (left eye or right eye) and monochromeized anaglyph (red and cyan).

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  • 4 months later...

I got an update to this situation.


Recently I tried using a one millisecond TN monitor.


When I wear the Sega scope helmet the screen is totally filtered out yet I could see the outside world like the clock below my television.



When I tried it earlier, when I was going from component to HDMI through a Retrotink  2x Pro M, and then converting it to VGA with a typical unpowered Amazon purchased HDMI to VGA converter and when  I used a CRT VGA, when I looked at it through the goggles, it  come out in 3D.


For some reason I could capture it if I use my 15 frame per second camera as both eyes on the left eye and right eye, which by Minuro cameras are.


But if I use my SQ11s which is 30 frames a second and cannot be dialed back to 15 frames per second, and I don't get any picture at all I just get a black capture.


Probably tomorrow when I bring up the CRT TV I'm going to try to test that theory by redoing that test.


They said that there's something about the TN technology that gets filtered out by the Sega glasses that the CRT does not get filtered out through.


Just wondering if anyone's got any thoughts on that.


Also wondering is this enables my theory that if I used my Sony PlayStation 3D glasses and somehow timed the blink so that it's 31 milliseconds behind if the alternate left right of the Sega Master System 3D could be timed correctly with the PlayStation 3D TV.

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Sorry to bump at the topic but I noticed that even though cannibalized Sega scope glasses ( meaning those who shudder mechanic work but the arms of the glasses are physically broken) seem to get the stutter correctly when it goes from composite VGA to HDMI via Retrotink 2x Pro M and then to VGA through a typical Amazon HDMI to VGA converter.


The weird thing is that the CRT monitor that's a VGA does work and accurately captures the timing as well on the monitor.  


However my Lenovo g25-10 which I believe is a TN monitor, whatever that means, (all I know is it it's advertised as a gaming monitor with one millisecond change time, which is good enough for me) when I look through the 3D goggles on the Lenovo monitor I could see the clock the monitor and the outside world but the TV itself is totally black.


I don't know anything about these new modern technologies but it seems like the light has been totally filtered out by the Sega scope glasses even on the unfiltered portion of the glasses that should be open.


Can anyone explain that?

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  • 2 months later...

I think I cracked the code.  What I rotated my camera 90°, it didn't matter whether it was clockwise or counterclockwise the picture penetrated into the camera.


When I use my Lenovo 1 millisecond monitor it was like double filtered with both the vertical and horizontal filter but when I rotated it 90°, they became parallel filters, not. perpendicular.


Are all modern monitors considered vertically polarized and Master System goggles are considered horizontally polarized?


The moment I cracked the code was when I looked at my TV  high up from down below at a higher than 45° vertical angle.


I noticed colors were distorted and the light was darker making me think that those, when combined with Sega scope glasses, are perpendicular filters that double filtered everything out.


I got a question to ask at a favor I'm willing to pay someone to help me with.


Question about modern TV polar filters.  My monitor is not a 3D monitor but is a TN low ping monitor and my question is are all modern TVs LCD LED OLED and plasma all considered filtered TVs and if so are they all considered filtered the exact same degree of polarization?   If they're all the same then this in theory is a universal way to use Master System glasses on a modern TV assuming you're paying time is quick enough where coming out of the Master System is close enough sink is coming out of your television monitor.

That means discord system only works with low ping monitors?  How low ping,  I don't know. That has to be tested but one millisecond doesn't trip it.  But that's for your show is that my theory of a universal add-on 3D TV kit is possible with these new TVs.  That the only thing you have to compensate for is pig time and if you do that correctly or it's irrelevant then you got a universal add-on 3D filter.


Now a favor I ask of a hobbyist (I'll be willing to pay for this service) can you take pre-existing Sega scope glasses without the arms (the reason for lack of arms is so you can velcro in the cameras more easily and tightly)  and somehow rotate both halves of the eyepiece so that they're 90°. Yet are one integrated piece that doesn't have to be rotated sit flat and actually have true side by side stereoscopy?


I'll provide one stereoscopic camera and one physically mangled at the arms but operationally working Sega scope goggle set.


Just seeing if there are offers there.


My next money refill is January 1st.


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Well I wrote back to say that well the Masters system is opposely polar to my TN monitor so if anyone wants to make a modern Sega Master System glasses system they can plug their glasses in the Sega Master System machine get a low ping monitor and if the polarization is tilted 90° make it work with a modern low paying TN monitor.  


Now they think about it, other than for the knowledge which I gained last month, since I already have a CRT and play all my games on CRT anyway now, why should I get a sideways polarized glasses just for a TN monitor I don't play with when I use the Sega Master System?


I just thought people who exclusively play on modern monitors might be interested in the fact that if you rotate the glasses 90°, then I'll penetrate the polar shield on my particular TN low ping monitor which is a Lenovo G25-10.


Maybe someone could tell me if it works on another monitor.  Hopefully it'll work on quite a few monitors.  If so then I independently discovered the secret to Sega Master System working on modern TVs.

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