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Sd or micro sd? What brand?


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I'm about to order a harmony cart. I was wondering how much of a difference there is between the Micro sd card version vs the regular sd card version other than just the physical card size. I know this seems like a silly question.


What is a good, confirmed brand card? What definitely won't work?


What kind of card comes with it when you add it to the order? Name brand, or just a generic one? If you order the micro sd card version, would it include a micro sd rather than a regular sd?


What is a good size? Seems like it would really only need a couple gigs, if that even.


Thanks for any info.

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I would choose the Micro SD card version because nowadays it’s more common. Best brand you can choose IMO is a SanDisk Card but there might be others that are OK, too. You can choose the smallest version of GB size - I think 2 GB would be enough to cover every game and collecting you can get for the 2600 but normally you will get a 16 GB for a small sum (e.g. I ordered a 32 GB SanDisk Micro SD Card some days ago for just 6,60 Euro). 

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I have had the SD version back when I think it was either the only option or micro-SD was new. I have used a Kingston 256Mo SD card since then, (probably from an early digital camera :D) and it's plenty enough unless you are really adamant in having the whole library of the 2600 in PAL and NTSC versions + all homebrews.

I don't think the Harmony is really picky like Everdrive can be, but the amount of data to read is so small.

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The last time I went to the local electronics shop looking for a low capacity SD card, they didn't even have any regular SD cards.

The closest I could get was a 16gb MicroSD with an SD-size adapter, but that seems to work fine in my Harmony cart.

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