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Why does this directory look different?

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First pic shows a directory on an SD card (which I use on my FujiNet) as seen by my Mac.


Second pic shows that same directory on the same SD card as seen by FujiNet.


Third pic shows that same directory hosted on my local server as seen by FujiNet. (I literally just copied the directory from the SD card to the server.)


All of the ATR images within were duplicates of the same original ATR file. IOW, I made a 90K ATR file in FujiNet (saved on my server), then from my Mac duplicated that file a bunch of times, then renamed them appropriately. This is the first time I've done this process with the SD card which is why I'm asking this question.




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disk images on SD card are 8.3 just the way local Atari and it's file systems like.

disk images on network have long file names and paths the get greeked in the center so it fits your screen

when you select or are over the abbreviated name/path the full filename appears at the bottom of the screen.

disk images in you mac show the whole file name as you have the filename slider far to the right, moving it to the left will cause mac to abbreviate just like all others.




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