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Falcon in need of some love


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Greetings fellow Atarians!

Recently my father passed away, leaving me a ton of Atari computers, and in particular his Atari Falcon.  The ol' bird works just fine, and I've replaced the non-functioning IDE drive with a CF Card.  I gotta say, I love it a lot.

However, shortly after purchasing it in the late '90s, he installed a BlowUp FX CPU accelerator, which never really worked quite right.  Since starting my Falcon experimentation, I realized that at least one reason it never worked quite right was because the SIMMs he had installed were flakey.  I found this out when I replaced them with different SIMMs and suddenly the system was more or less rock solid.

But, as a result of the install never really being finished, the DSP has at least one cut pin, and sound doesn't seem to be playing all channels.

Aside from wanting the BlowUp FX install finished (or the DSP repaired if the pin was cut unnecessarily), I was hoping to get some of the more modern QoL upgrades installed (Clock buffer patch, RTC Replacement, possibly a recap, maybe a new PSU).

Problem is, the last person I knew who was handy enough with a soldering iron and oscilloscope that I would let them near the Falcon, was my dad.  Is there anyone in the US (preferrably) who can be trusted to do the work, and to ship it back to me without it getting destroyed?  I'm suuuuper paranoid about shipping this thing.  Because it was my father's, as far as I'm concerned, it's not replaceable.

If there's no one in the US, then I guess I'm game to ship overseas.  Again, just really paranoid about shipping my baby.


Thank you very much in advance!


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1 hour ago, Tillek said:

It helps to mention where you're located (at least on the state level)... someone might be nearby who would be willing to help who otherwise wouldn't bother responding if you were going to have to ship it to them.


Oh, right!  Good point.  I'm located in Minnesota, in the Twin Cities suburbs.



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It's one of the fields in your profile, 


Just click on your user icon (top right of page)

select Profile and again top right Edit Profile to update anything you want

Location is one of the fields


I have always felt it should have been a mandatory field when creating a user on the forum.

It's always so helpful if you have at least the country information.

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