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STE Color Background

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Hello all. How do I go about changing the color of the desktop? I have a stock STE and using an ASCI image...I've read about editing the INF file but it doesn't seem to effect the color. Is there perchance a helper app for this?


Sorry...This is probably pretty remedial but I'm new to the ST. Thank you!

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You can change the colours if you install the Control panel accessory or Xcontrol accessory


Just copy the CONTROL.ACC/or XCONTROL.ACC to the root of your boot disk and reboot

change the colours to suit and save preferences


I use a light blue for mine



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Thank you. It turns out I'm an idiot...I had that program and was simply using it incorrectly. (slaps forehead)


Edit: Would you indulge me another question? How do I select different texture patterns in the background along with the color?

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