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I RAN 7800


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Just gave it a few runs on my 7800 via a Concerto cartridge.  Didn't see any issues :thumbsup:


Having said that, I couldn't make it to checkpoint 2; my ass would be handed to me somewhere between it and checkpoint 1.  I need to get better at this, because I can see that it's going to be as fun as the 2600 version.


One recommendation: if button #2 is going unused, have it mimic button #1.  This cuts down on frustration when your thumb hits the wrong one for no very good reason.  It also makes the game controls ambidextrous, and removes user questions along the lines of, "why doesn't the second button do anything?" ;)

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22 hours ago, vhzc said:

Hi everybody.

I want to share the first demo rom of my most recent project: I Ran.

This is a runner game based of my previous game I Ran for 2600, with the same mechanics, but different obstacles.


I plan to include different courses, but this first demo rom only does include the first one.


To play just push the button to jump and move the joystick down to slide.


You start with 3 lives, but can obtain extra lives during the course, the final score is defined by the number of remaining lives at the end of the course.


It is in a early stage of development and since I still don't have a flashcart for 7800, testing (specially on actual hardware) will be greatly appreciated.


I_RAN_7800_demo01.a78 144.13 kB · 22 downloads







Beatiful game ! as always you do.


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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing I Ran on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!









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Albert posted this at Discord:


Vladimir told me he had a flood at his place last week, but only noticed the damage to his retro gaming area a few days ago. He lost source code to many of his games, including the two games in development where he posted "PROJECT CANCELLED". He's going to take a hiatus, as that's a big loss for him (understandably). He did give me permission to post this.


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21 minutes ago, bent_pin said:

@Albert I'd be happy to volunteer a box of vintage goodies to get him back on his feet. They may have a crack or two, but they'll run perfectly. I even have a nice i3 PC that I can toss in for good measure.

Just mentioning it since it may impact hardware selection: IIRC, he's in Germany.  220V and PAL FTW.

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@TrogdarRobusto, the developer Vladimir Zuñiga, aka @vhzc , has put out a wonderful line of quality 2600 games - ten unique/original titles, and even a couple of 7800 entries, on display here:




It would be an awesome public relation move and gesture for Atari to partner up with said international (Santiago, Chile) developer, and perhaps strike some sort of deal or arrangement, especially one who has just been hit with a recent loss.


Certainly not expecting any promises, but definitely thought it is worth the time and attention.  This can be a real win-win situation all around.  10 quality games all ready to go for the 2600 and even 2 completed and ready to go for the 7800.  They would make a very nice official addition to the 2600+.  Of course, this is if Vlad is interested in such an arrangement as well.

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Hi guys.


I appreciate the concerns that have you expressed, but really the things are fine, there were a little flood in an area of my house, mainly affecting my storage and game room. That affected some items of my collection, but nothing too much hard to recover(a couple of 65xe, a msx, etc)  and some hardware items that I used to maintain the backups of the source code of a lot of my games, which I only discover when I wanted to recover said backups after a SO re-installation.


It's really just the loss of the source code that stings the most, and donations or other type of help aren't required nor necessary but I greatly appreciate the gesture.


I simply cancelled these projects because I currently don't have the time, or energy to remake those games from scratch and I don't like to have those unfinished roms posted when I know that I will never will be able to finish those projects.


I will maintain posted all my finished projects and those where I still have the source code, but for now I will take an hiatus from development for atari systems and focus for now in other systems.


So again, thanks for your concerns, but I am fine, just a little demoralized for now.





Edited by vhzc
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6 minutes ago, Ben_Larson said:

@vhzc Was it written in asm?  There's 6502 disassemblers out there if you wanted to try to disassemble and get back to the source (assuming it is ASM and not C or something else).

He is using bBasic. So no disassembly will help here (much).

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