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Any news/updates regarding digital downloads?

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I was in a discussion some 1-2 years ago with some moderators and they mentioned something about the possibility of digital versions of all the homebrew games being offered at some point. Has there been any news or updates regarding this? While I do have original hardware to play these games on, I wish I had the flexibility to play these on an emulation device as well -- and I know many others, especially those who don't own original hardware, would appreciate this as well.

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I'm also interested in this also, if it ever happens.  I just bought a bunch of games on the store, but I would like to be able to play them in a emulator also.  Some of them can only be played by cartridge and I don't dig out the "luckily" still working Atari as much as I would like to.  Playing on a emulator would be nice to be able to do also.  Thanks.


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