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Jaguar HSC_SEASON 17_ROUND 4 - WMCJ and Wormhole 2000

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(Round Over Wednesday May 31st 11:59pm EST, 5/31/2023) 


image.jpeg.8350bb2a00b009b59f044dafd282d7e5.jpegWormhole 2000 – Songbird Productions






**Please write text of score in your post, so I can copy during updates. Thank you!**


White Men Can't Jump and Wormhole 2000


Start a game of White Men Can't Jump, versus match, record score at the time when you win or score when the time runs out.


Start a game of Wormhole 2000 on default settings, post your highest scores.


If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: 




Link to manual:


White Men Can't Jump: AtariAge - Atari Jaguar Manuals - White Men Can't Jump (Atari)


Wormhole 2000: Info: Wormhole 2000 – Songbird Productions (songbird-productions.com)

(If there is a free version in the thread let me know)


High Score Records:


White Men Can't Jump: None yet


Wormhole 2000: None yet! 



White Men Can't Jump Scores:


1. jeremiahjt                             22   Tournament Mode:22 Beat Tournament Mode: Y    +12 points                                        

2. masematte                            22                                                                              +8 points

2. MichaG                                  22                                                                              +8 points

4. jgkspsx                                        Tournament Mode: 21                                            +5 points

5. doctorclu                               16                                                                               +2 points

6. Rick Dangerous                       4                                                                                +1 point






Wormhole 2000 Scores:


1. doctorclu                        99,600                    +10 Points

2. jeremiahjt                      25,480                     +8 Points

3. jgkspsx                           23,380                     +6 Points

4. masematte                     14,760                      +4 Points

5. Rick Dangerous                3,780                       +1 Point







The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. masematte               54 points

2. jeremiahjt                40 points

3. jgkspsx                    39 points

4. Madwindoman          37 points

5. doctorclu                  27 points

6. MicahG                     24 points

7. Rick Dangerous         15 points

8. LianneJaguar64         11 points

9. Tripled79                   6 points

10. Wilco                       4 points

11. Darrin9999              2 point

12. Zeptari                    1 point



Please post any corrections and tag me in the post.

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23 hours ago, doctorclu said:

Looks like Songbird is out of stock on Wormhole.   Anyone in the Dallas, TX to Central, TX got a copy I can come over and play?  :D

You are welcome to come over to my house, but Lubbock is a little far.

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1 minute ago, jeremiahjt said:

You are welcome to come over to my house, but Lubbock is a little far.


Hmmm... a five hour drive.    Not completely writing this off.  :P

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oh , i play only a normal game , not at tournamnet ?!

18 minutes ago, jeremiahjt said:

For White Men Can't Jump, we start a tournament, right? You are given three choices to start with; $250, $350, and $500. Does it matter which one we choose?


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Posted (edited)

Well, until we get clarification, I will put my score from the $250 game.  I won that game 21 to 10.  For Wormhole 2000, I got 25,480.


Edit: I played the versus mode also and won 22 to 16, but no picture as the score disappeared too fast.

Edited by jeremiahjt
Additional score
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Posted (edited)

Okay, I played another versus match. Assuming we keep the skill level at 1 1/2, my new score is 21 to 2. I was ready for the picture this time.


I also beat the tournament mode today for I think the first time.

Edited by jeremiahjt
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11 minutes ago, Rick Dangerous said:

For WMCJ: Versus Match.  Highest score you can muster. 


Bonus point for posting a Tournament mode score.  Extra bonus point for beating Tournament mode. 

Woo-hoo! Although good luck getting a picture of that trophy. It disappears pretty quick.

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Posted (edited)

So going to state the obvious and say for those hoping for a Gyruss on the Jaguar, Wormhole is not that.


Of course it has other interesting additions to it that make it different.

I think I haven't felt this much excitement and then reaction to playing a game since "Laser Blast" by Activision for the 2600.

At least this time I got the game.   Laser Blast I put on layaway but couldn't scrape together the money to pay it off when I was a kid.


Latest score 19,300.



Edited by doctorclu
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Hey, when you calculate the score from this round, I have played previous rounds for the participation points.


Played for the two points of round 1.

And played for the two points of round 2


Four points, but every point helps.  :D

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