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Some old unreleased homebrews I made in 2010


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Back when I was in college in 2010, I had a harmony cart and was learning some batari BASIC. I recently dug my VCS and all of that stuff out of storage to get back into it, and found a few small games I'd written around 2010 in my dorm room. I'm releasing them here if anyone is interested in trying them. They're not particularly interesting or polished, but these things have only ever been played by me and some of my friends back in college.


Layza Guns

Use joysticks to control the little head at the top of the screen. Hold fire to shoot. Start the game with reset switch. Make sure you start moving as soon as the game starts or you'll die pretty quickly. The enemy ships don't die, but you get points when you hit them.



Classic Towers of Hanoi game. Starts at 3 tiers, but the game select button will add more tiers. Joystick to control and drop tiers. I'd completely forgotten I'd made this one until I saw it in my old projects folder, the memory is a little hazy.


Hanoi_NTSC_(2010).bin Layza_Gunz_NTSC_(2010).bin

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@2018jh  Regarding your puzzle game, AFAIK Hanoi enters the puzzle category of Atari 2600 games alongside 11 others.  In alphabetical order, they are: Atari Video Cube, Brain Games, Codebreaker, Crazy Valet, Cubicolor (prototype), Dice Puzzle, Jammed, Mastermind Deluxe, Minesweeper, Okie Dokie, Rubik's Cube 3D and now your game, Hanoi.  I, personally, was looking for a Tower of Hanoi game for Atari 2600 and now, thanks to you, now we have one.  Thanks for sharing your fine-looking puzzle game!

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