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Book recommendations: History of videogames

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Can you recommend me the books which would cover history of video-games from the very beginnings, probably to early nineties (Playstation being maybe "too new"), covering the video-games in all possible forms - arcades, home consoles, computers, handhelds?
Also the world-coverage, ie. non American-centric would be welcome. I'm not expecting fine details, for example just few notable games for some systems. Also business point of view is interesting, how the industry formed, and what were the reasons for The Crash, what it did to the market, if it was US-only etc.

I know it's lots of topics and I'm not sure one book can cover it. On the other hand, some books promise more, but deliver only very small subset - for example I was kind of disappointed by Art of Atari, because it should have been named Art of Atari VCS (partly because for me "Atari" is home computer, but for most people out there it's the VCS).

I tried to google, but I wasn't able to make any good queries. I found for example these:

but I'm not sure.

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My go-to recommendation if you're willing to spend academic press money would be They Create Worlds, by Alex Smith. Only the first volume (which covers video games up to about 1981) is out, but when the trio is complete he expects to have covered the industry through the 90s. Very well-researched, lots of talk about the business side of things, though perhaps more American-centric than you'd like. A bit more mass market, I've heard a lot of good about Replay by Tristan Donovan, but haven't read it myself: https://www.worldcat.org/title/replay-the-history-of-video-games/oclc/878738420


This list may help provide some other ideas, too. https://thehistoryofhowweplay.wordpress.com/2020/08/27/the-video-game-history-booklist/

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