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Megaboys Super Famicom Development Manual

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Quick Links for the Megaboys Super Famicom development manual are now available:




I don't know why it's not in Japanese.  Does anyone even know who the Megaboys are?  The manual has this goofy block diagram, which seems to indicate... that the Super Famicom has a 3.5mm headphone jack?




CGRAM and OAM should also be inside the PPU.

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Check this out.  An ascii text version of the APU manual that Ledi typed up that also has this mysterious headphone connector, which seems to have thrown them for a loop:




But, the PDF I have does not:




Now that we have two examples of this appearing in block diagrams, it's starting to sound like the SNES was supposed to have a headphone jack at some point!  But, like NES backwards compatibility, probably was scrapped and was removed from later versions of the manual.


Also note another error that Ledi points out that the blank space between 7FFFh and FFBFh is actually used by several games, although none are listed.

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