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Editing playfield at runtime/procedural playfields?


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Can you do this in Batari Basic? Like, in breakout the bricks are part of the playfield that get removed as the ball hits these. Can it be done in Batari without using ASM? If so, this could open access to both procedural stuff as well as rudimentary "jumpy" scrolling (removing top/down/left/right row/column, shifting other rows/columns, and putting a new row/column on the opposite side).

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Check out the pfpixel command in the bB guide. That works for the standard kernel, and works well for single block operations. If you are doing a lot of playfield changes in a short time with it, you are likely to run out of cycles. For bigger dynamic playfield changes, you will want to change the variables where the pixels are stored directly. The mapping of pixels to variables is shown in the bB guide here.

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