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Offering Composite mod service for Intellivision owners

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Hi everyone, so I have my local TV repair guy who's old school and has done numerous composite mods for me and I talked to him as things were kind of slow for him.  I asked him if I found some people interested in having their classic consoles modified if he'd do them and he was cool with that.  Just PM me if you're interested.  His rates are very reasonable ($60 per console) + mod cost + shipping.  I'd like to get him some work and I know a lot of people are still using RF with their older consoles and my god Composite/S-Video is so much nicer!  I can't fathom going back to RF with my 2600, Odyssey 2, Intellivision and Colecovision all with composite / RCA audio out now..  


I know there have been online sites that (sometime) offer these services but I think a lot of them are either not doing Intellivision or charge pretty steep prices.  He's done several for me and they have been great and I actually plan on having most of mine re-done with s-video options that I didn't think I'd want when I got them done initially.  So just let me know.  FYI we're just outside of Boston to give you a locational reference.  




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39 minutes ago, transcept said:

Could he install this RGB/YPbPr Video Kit?

I would imagine so, but i'm actually looking to have him do that mod to my intellivision at some point so I can let you know.  I've been kinda busy with other projects, but I have been wanting to upgrade all of my RF (composite modded) systems to S-Video for a new(er) Extron 1616 that's S-Video capable..  You've reminded me to do this, so yea I may have to up my priority of this stuff and get him on the various mods I'm looking to do and I'll let you know.  

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