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Instant Graphics 2.19 Developer release for Telenet BBS sysops and users

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Updated: 6-4-2023

          Instant Graphics! Online Graphics Script Interpreter
                   Copyright 1988-2023 by Larry Mears
                 Version 2.19 by Larry Mears, Freeware

      This is meant to used for Telenet BBSs by SYSOPs and Users


*** IMPORTANT USE WITH HSMODA07.ZIP set up a 32K serial buffer the ST's
    default serial buffer is only 256 bytes I believe, not near enough!!
    I recomend using a 32K receive buffer with IG devloper and IG219.ACC
    Interlink's internal receive buffer can be set to 31K max.  I do not
    recomend using IG with FLASH anymore as it's internal receive buffer
    can not be adjusted it's to small only reliable at 2400 baud for IG
    script.    FLASH and Interlink ignore any serial receive buffer set up by
    HSMOD and take over that when they run. So if you are running Interlink
    HSMOD is not needed just set Interlink's serial receive buffer to 31K.
    If Interlink is running and you use the IG219.ACC it will use the Interlink
    serial buffer. Once you QUIT the Interlink program the serial buffer is gone,
    so you have to use HSMOD with IGDEV program if you want to go online with
    the IGDEV program.  I tested the 32K buffer at 19200 baud.  It will
    probably be enough in most cases. It worked on The Gauardian of Forever
    BBS drawing the opening Gate screen and it is fairly elaborate.  I think
    HSMOD can be set to 64K buffer if really needed.

    Here's the link I got mine from...

What's NEW in IG219.ACC and IG219L.ACC (light version no file support):

I'd like to note that the "I" command did NOT do a
restorative resolution switch.  I went back as far as IG210 and checked the
source code the older manual says it does a RES switch but it did NOT.  It did
everything else but not RES switch.  I added a I 5 option just for that,
seems like a good idea.  I recently discovered that the VDI Compatible
Resolution Switch by Steve Cole and Lawrence Gold if executed before setting
the color palette will mess with VT52 text color, so ALWAYS do a resolution
switch FIRST then set the palette.  Like G#I>5:I 0: otherwise you won't get the
colors you expect.

  IG219's  'G'rab command aka BitBlit is fixed so when IG switches from
medium resolution to LOW it doesn't ask GEM how many bit planes but checks
the resolution itself and sets the number of bit planes available so all BitBlit
commands should work after a res switch not just SCREEN to SCREEN.  I also
added a new BitBlit command Memory to Memory, lets you do hidden Blits
then pop them up.  No clipping so stay within the X,Y bounds.

IG219 BIGgest addition would be the the NEW f and z commands.  PolyFill the
f command draws a filled polygon with up to 128 sides. PolyLine the
z command draws a connected line with a minimum of 2 end points and
maximum 128 end points. Like the Line and Drawto IG commands but less IG script.

IG219 has a new X 10 command it sets the begining point for the  Drawto
command. Just a feature, not that critical, because the Line or Plot command
already set this as it should.  I also added to the R and I commands options
to SET the default VDI color palette and resolution. The IGDEV program has
added support for these additions.

  I also added a full blown text editor ME.TTP,  IGDEV passes the draw buffer
to it as file so there is a decent text editor if you need to hand edit your IG
script. It writes a file called BUFF.IG then passes that to ME.TTP,  BUFF.IG
gets wiped out every time it does that, but it might save you if you forgot to
save your IG script at exit, at least from that hand edit point.  The IGDEV
program uses the out lined cross hair now.  If you press the CONTROL key you
get a drawing grid, multiple presses changes grid size.  LEFT SHIFT key prints
X,Y coordinates, mutiple presses changes position where X,Y is printed.
The draw grid and X,Y coordinates may appear on top off some of your drawing
but it is not permanate. They are just visual tools.  I also fixed a bug that
had been in all the IG2xx.ACCs that I wasn't aware of till recently, every exit
would drop 310 bytes. With IG219.ACC this doesn't happen.  The DEV progam and
EMU didn't has this issue.

Happy Drawing,

Larry Mears


IG219D12.ST IG219D12.ZIP

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