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I've been waiting for various video projects I've seen to become available for a while and finally decided to give RGBtoHDMI a try.


I've been pretty lucky with my STs given the varying amount of noise/artifacts that can appear in ST video but my real problem child is my 520ST.  I've always been interested in having an original 520ST unit (I like the form factor and ports🙂) and the 520ST I acquired and upgraded looks decent on an Atari RGB monitor but has really distractingly unacceptable video noise in its signal when used with modern displays and converters (of which I have many...)


So now this little guy with almost no install effort has perfect HDMI output so far.  😁



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On 6/6/2023 at 10:58 PM, remowilliams said:

This is the same guy I bought mine from. Back then he didn't supply the ST Shifter adaptor, nice.


However this "3 wires only" installation applies only to older STs. If you have the Shifter in a QFP package, you have to solder all the 16 (or so) wires.

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Anyone know right off hand if the STacy has the QFP package? I saw in the comments section

at that site, that someone had posted it worked with the STacy but I didn't notice if they had

mentioned it worked with 3 wires or 16...




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1 hour ago, DarkLord said:

Anyone know right off hand if the STacy has the QFP package?


I'm not about to open mine up but looking at pictures it seems STacy has a socketed shifter.  Though I don't know if there are revisions that changed this.


The other question is would you be able to fit the shifter socket adapter in that spot on a STacy...


Soldering all the wires would be annoying but should be easy as I think its mostly resistor pickups.



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