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Homebrew - Roll Play

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What was I thinking getting involved? As useless a rolling press I’ve ever seen. Infested, too. With weird little creatures that are no funny issue. Took it far as could. Getting out of the game I am. Here; maybe you guys can do something with it.


Tested in Stella & Javatari & Gopher.



An old electro-mechanical rolling press requires freeing of creatures that have become trapped onto its flat sheet. They’re shorting machine power and causing anomalous coloring.


ROLL to reveal each creature’s stake per band (also indicated through colored lightbars) then choose a creature to PLAY for. Computer is on the left, you're on the right. Actually, you're the rollerbut that's not important right now. Look, by timing a slide correctly, power may be partially restored back into the machinery for another try. Successfully ridding three unique creatures wins you a trophy (these are color-striped at top). Winning three trophies grants bonus power and moves you along to the next color-striped trophy series to collect. Progress through all stripes (14 unique colors) to win the game. A special presentation awaits.



Power is indicated by a battery symbol with numbers that top out at 99%. It drains continuously. When fully depleted, it’s game over.


Although it seems like it, you’re not trying to match colors. Those are indicating stakes.


Gameplay Type: Reflex, smudge of strategy





Instructions Minimal:

  • Use Joystick Up / Down to select a Band.
  • Joystick Trigger to send the Roller.
  • Next, choose a Creature using Joystick Right.
  • Joystick Trigger halts zooming Wedge; attempt at rectangle.


Instructions Dense: [LOL]

Wordy, larded with bullet points and yet somewhat useful (has pictures too): Zee Instructshions ...



Stella original release - NTSC


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15 hours ago, nooly said:

That's an interesting concept and good execution. The game itself was somehow too complicated for my taste but I'll give it another try after I go through the instructions again ;]

Hey thanks nooly.


Dev: next game has the play pattern established ahead a technique, so I'm anticipating less tell and more show.

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Roll Play on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!





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