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Lots of green lines...?


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Hello, all,  I am brand new to using Jagstudio.  I am running into a problem with the first project under quickstart.  It has you copy the 2 .bmp images it has (a spider and IDK) into the gfx folder (\assets\gfx\ folder.)

Then has you do this:  

  • ABS,SPRITE_BUG,gfx_clut16,assets\gfx\bug.bmp  next you open  rapinit.s and has you copy a long line of code above ;Template line.  After that you run it with cmd i.e. build yourprojectname press enter.

Anyway it works, but, there are thick green lines all over the screen.  I Don't know what happened, any help would be appreciated. Please and thank you :)

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I dunno I've been busy, so I took a break from it.  I went back to it again... and ... it doesn't work at all anymore :(  I also don't know how to run it on the BigPemu.  I do have that emulator and it's awesome, but, not sure how run something I coded on it.

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