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VCS PC Mode sometimes boots into 720p?


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In the past I noticed that sometimes when booting the Atari boot logo screens look wrong, as if they are the wrong resolution.   But whatever once the system booted it ran fine so never thought too much of it.


But over the weekend I was installing Ubuntu 22 to an unused parition thinking of using it to replace the Ubuntu 20 I already had installed if everything works under it.


I noticed that a lot of the cover art in my emulator set up looked lower quality than it should be.   I opened settings and noticed it was set to 720p.    I set it to 1080p when I installed it.   I changed the res and everything looked better.     Then I booted into the Ubuntu 20, and same thing happened --  boot logos were still off and it booted into 720p,    


I can probably force it to  1080p in my start script, but I don't understand why this happens,  after a few boots with the weird resolution,  it goes back to normal until the problem re-occurs sometime later.    Anyone else encounter this?


On the plus side,  I noticed that with Ubuntu 22, I can set it to 4K/60  where I could only get 4K/30 under Ubuntu 20.

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