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Rambo 2600 (Pitfall Hack)


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Some differences from the original Pitfall version.
Changed sound.
Underground walls are now spears and cause the player to lose a life if they touch them.
Both the spear and the underground spider disappear for a few seconds, and a chance to cross to the other side without having to jump.

The vines are thicker.
Some sprite animations at the top.
Increased color palette.
Lives are no longer visible, they are hidden at the top.

Infinite Time.



Never go beyond the underground passage if the object (spider or spear) is invisible, you will lose lives. Wait for the object to become visible again and then you can go to the other side of the underground.

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  • The classic version looks more like the original Pitfall. We have the timer restart and the lives are again visible on the screen.
    The underground spider has been replaced by an enemy soldier who tries to camouflage himself in the underground darkness by crawling along the ground.


Captura de tela_2023-06-18_02-50-12.png

Captura de tela_2023-06-18_02-50-37.png

Rambo Classic (PAL).bin

Rambo Classic.bin

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