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Vertical Texture Scrolling


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Hi guys,


Looking for advice or examples for an effect I would like to achieve - vertical scrolling of a sprite texture on the Y axis.


Jagstudio has an example of how to scroll a sprite / texture horizontally on the X axis but I'm not seeing how this can be applied in the Y axis instead.  The vertscroller example is scrolling text data and I'm also not seeing how this can be applied to texture data.


Ive attempted manipulating the texture data itself in memory, but the results are not correct as Im not sure how the texture pixel array is laid out in memory.  This approach is also slow on the 68k, so there must be a better solution.


As always any feedback appreciated!

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Thank you @CyranoJ this is exactly the simple solution I was looking for 😂.  Obviously there is more to it than this ( wrapping, etc. ) but this does achieve the effect I wanted.


Hard to tell from the screenshots, but the ground moves towards you as you move forward in the environment 😃




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Thanks for the interest!  I will release a playable build once I've completed my proof of concept, but I still have plenty of work to do before I get to that point. 


For now, I'll share a few more screens of current progress for a new project I'm working on 😃






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On 7/10/2023 at 6:11 PM, SlidellMan said:

So, what are you trying to make, @OVERRiDE?

Basicaly what @Gemintronic said lol.


On-Rails Sprite Scaler Shooter inspired by Panzer Dragoon.


Currently feeling out the capabilities of the system to see what is possible.  My oringal attempts were unfortunately over-ambitious for the hardware, but with some tuning I believe a good balance can be found to achieve nice results 

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On 7/12/2023 at 7:59 PM, SlidellMan said:

Nice, and I might have to make some graphics and music for you.

Thanks! PM Sent!


Making good progress on this project.  Pushing huge sprite lists and working on real hardware.  Still a few issues I need to root cause before I am able to call this POC complete, but the most basic mechanics are in place.

The player can lock-on to enemies and rapid-fire at them simultaneously 😃






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6 hours ago, SlidellMan said:

So, when will a playable build be released? (Just curious.)

If I had to guess, likely September.  My free time to work on these projects is limited, and next month I will be out of state for 3 weeks and will not have my personal workstation with me so this project will not make much progress in August.


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