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Silly Venture 2023 Summer Edition Invitation

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just released a small intro yesterday at Sommarhack 2023:

Some of you know that I am in process of refactoring my 2015-2023 3d routines into a generic one (hello probe ;)) and in a boring debug session I just added a "scene" handler and it envolved into this small bit.... helped a lot of finding fundamental changes in the engine and bugs as I am going from single object handling to 3d scene handling with many objects to handle....


so... here is a first glance at 2 individual 3d objects basicly, a 1 single pixel highres scroller and some cheesy display list mirror effect (yeah without wripples but at some point I need to stop). music was chosen Mad Max tune Miker already converted to Pokey. for an Atari only party I thought that might be a fit here...

RMT 1.34 was used in LZZ format.


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