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CDs for the Atari ST line

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Are there any CDs that came out for the Atari ST line? I know that I have a CD-ROM drive in my Atari hard drive case but can't remember if I had any CDs that worked with it.  If I did they must be mixed in with all of my old PC CDs.  

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There were a couple of CD games, Ishar 3 and Robinsons Requiem, and there were a lot of compilation CDs of PD. There were also a few dedicated music CDs. Finally there were a couple of CDs for Atari's ill fated CD drive including a encyclopedia and a car parts inventory!

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Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia the program to access this was called SARA. Also The Atari Compendium book CD and Atari Computing mag released a CD with the articles / contents of all of the magazines after it closed down.

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OK, another question.  What is the best way to get the Anodyne programs from my PC to the ST?  I do have a 3.5" floppy drive in one of my older computers but don't think that it will read to ST formatted disks.  I'm using ICD Pro 6.5.5 for the hard drive controller.

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