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Score is not what I expect


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Hi all, I am an absolute beginner in batari basic, and I really only have a very modest goal so far: Making the program sum two numbers and show them in the score. But unfortunately, this does not seem to work as expected. The program compiles, but the score is always shown as 47, no matter how I choose _Num1 and _Num2. Any ideas why? Thanks already for any hints you can give me!


 set smartbranching on
 dim _Num1 = a
 dim _Num2 = b
 dim _Flip = c
 dim _Sum = d

 _Num1 = 5
 _Num2 = 12
 _Flip = 0
 _Sum = 0
 scorecolor = $BE
 COLUBK = $00
 score = 0

 if _Flip = 0 then _Sum = _Num1 + _Num2
 score = _Sum
 _Flip = 1


 goto mainloop


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