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Does Atari->Odyssey controller adapter work for hard wired O2 Joysticks


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Hello I recently tried to buy an Atari to astrocade joystick connector from sadgirlrecords.com. The good news is it came quick the bad news is he/she accidentally sent Atari to Odyssey connectors instead.  


Now I do have a hardwired Odyssey 2, and I know from previous experience that an intellivision one could technically be either intellivision too modded or intellivsion flashback modded to accept outside joysticks with a extra long cable that peaks outside the innards of the machine.


I'm not exactly the most handy person but I was able to do a flashback modding of an intellivision one.


Since I already have an odyssey 2,  I was wondering, is there a certain wire you could buy and a certain operation you could do on your Odyssey 2 to let it accept pluggable Odyssey 2 controllers and then from there I could use the Atari to Odyssey adapter to plug in my Atari controller?


I believe these things are made one-by-one and it would not help to take it back. With shipping and hassles of returning and thoughts that  I could use this eventually anyway so might as well keep the Odyssey to adapter if it  happens to be useful.

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If you don't feel handy, I wouldn't go opening up your O2 and messing with the hardwired controller. It doesn't have the socket that is necessary to make the adapter work. 


I assume the mistake was on the part of the person who sent you the wrong item. If this is true, they should make it right at no cost to you. Maybe they'll even send you the correct item, the thing you actually paid for, for "free."

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Yes sadgirlrecords does have good customer and will send me the Astrocade adapters in the mail on Monday and I can keep the Odyssey 2 ones.


I should get it by Friday or sooner. 


So you would say the intellivision ribbon slot is easier for an average person to work with than the Odyssey 2 version of the ribbon slot.


I have successfully flashback modded my Intellivision 1. So much so that I sold my INTV 1 controllers and have Flashback ones instead.


Now I got to email Intellivisionairies to see if they could make a INTV2 controller to INTV FB machine, because I have flashback modded my intellivision whenever I get a RetroGameBoys Controller PCB.


As for the Odyssey 2, may I know what the ribbon standard of a hardwired O2 is?  I think I can have someone a ribbon to DB9 and a DB9 to ribbon for the O2.  If I'm going to have an expert build such a cable. They might as well install it too.


May I also have a pin mapping on both the DB9 and ribbon ends?

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2 hours ago, sixersfan105 said:

adapter-type solution that will effectively give hardwired O2 consoles DB9 ports

That is correct.  I have a wired kit in the works for wired systems to become removeable with db9 ports. my intent is to keep them O2 wired.  


however i also have an atari to 2600 adapter cable I make 

It may be possible to make some kind of combo kit that 1. gives you db9 ports and 2. gives you a 2600 compatible pinout. 


No one has requested it and my initial goal was to keep it "pure" to allow gray controllers to work with formerly wired systems and to make black wired controllers themselves usable with the earlier detachable models.  


I prefer keeping the kit pure and for those who want 2600 capability to use my adapter cables (or their own alternatives) so they retain the ability to use O2 joysticks and when they want.. 2600.  

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Well I found a video on YouTube that shows that the Odyssey to joysticks are not as hard wired as you think they are.  They're attached by some other standard I have no idea what standard of connector that is.  Since I don't know what I'm doing when I'm poking around there I'm going to post a video of someone who's successfully externalized their Odyssey controllers on an internal controller model.  


I assume there are enough pins where you could map the four directions the fire and the ground to six of the wires and then the other three ports are pretty much nothing and I assume that they could be wired to either Odyssey 2 or 2600 or astrocade standard.


And I assume that if I get it "softwired" with Odyssey 2 db9  standard that I could use Sad Girl Records's 2600 to Odyssey adapter perfectly fine on that.


And I could buy a premade DB9 cable which is straight wired, like on Edladdin.com , and hire someone to solder up the other end connector to connect to the Odyssey 2.


I just need to know the name of the cable standard associated with the hardwired Odyssey standard and what the Odyssey DB9 mapping to that would be, so I could reuse the Odyssey controls if I which or switch to Atari if I wish.


Link:  https://youtu.be/rT3eM9D26CM?si=d5Q2OXutOdjKA6Oq

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