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simple blank disk format in DOS 3.3


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Hello all, I recently brought my TL/3 back to life.


I have a version of DOS 3.3 on a 3.5 floppy, just one single drive and brand new DS DD disks. I tried to just type FORMAT at the A>prompt with the DOS disk still inside, but it brings back the message: Drive letter must be specified.

Is that floppy drive drive A or B or neither?  I know the drive is working perfectly because I have used the Deskmate Series of disks in it.


In short, how do I format a blank disk, in other words, what exactly do I need to type?


Please advise, thanks.

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You'll need the DOS disk in the drive so that the computer loads the command into memory. You will then see a prompt to press Enter to continue. BEFORE pressing Enter, that is when you swap out the disks. When the Disk is formatted, then swap it out with the DOS disk to execute any other commands or to load BASIC. Depending on what you will do next. If memory serves, I sent you a link for MS/DOS 3.3. You'll definitely want to go through it. 




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