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HSC20 Round 14: O'Riley's Manic Maniac Miner !

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It's about time we got to try the improved ORiley's Mine without the bunch of extra lives and Manic Miner will keep McKong happy too ;)

Note we are playing new to the HSC "Maniac Miner" and not Maniac!







Note: type "6031769" plus 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, Q, W, E, R, T, Y, U, I, O or P to start a level - yes you can use this to practice or just do screens for the fun of it - post as you go ;)



Can be paused with Ctrl-1 some good BASIC in there :thumbsup:

Manic MinerO'Riley's Mine

Maniac Miner

Extended Round ends Weds 30th August 10pm UK time

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Maniac Miner - 5400 pts, level 2

Manic Miner - 3300 pts, level 3 Menagerie

O'Riley's Mine - 356000 pts, level 6


On Maniac Miner, you can walk, crawl or jump. Note that in some places you can't pass by without crawling. I don't know if we should play for score or level in Manic Miner. Since you get the most points from remaining air when you clear a level, in practice it is the same. I noticed that the extra lives patched version of O'Riley's Mine has a tendency that if you die right at the end of a level, it skips to the next level but perhaps the original version does the same so it is not a by-effect of having disabled the extra lives.







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How about we invite a few of the former top scorers on O'Riley's Mine? While @dodgers hasn't posted for 14 years and last seen on the forum 6 years ago, it seem that @vdub_bobby still is active and might want to have a go on this version that doesn't award any extra lives anymore, neither for player 1 or player 2. I doubt we'll see any scores in the range of 10-40 million points but surely a few million for the best players.

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Yes score/level I'm not sure it'll make too much difference on Manic Miner.


Had a quick go yesterday. I remembered the first few levels. I got to level 8 of 20.


Most of the levels look more complicated than they are, and once you've worked out a solution for each screen, it's just a case of repeating it cos it plays the same every time

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At last some Atari time! (Girlfriend and Work both taking up to much of it!!)


Maniac Miner is not bad, collect  a bunch of treasures slide down to the next level and repeat. 2nd round is much harder. Best score 8,610. Can pause with Ctrl-1 :)


O'Riley's Mine - was great to play this again with the new HSC version with 3 lives and 1 extra possibly, anyway it's now much more fun, your go does not take days now to finish!!

$1,550.000.00 :D level 16 or so see screenshot!


Manic Miner eventually sussed level 1, level 2 was a breeze and 3 took a while, then 4 and 5 so have made it to 6 Eugenie's Lair. 7,050

Added screen skip info to 1st post if anyone wants to practice the screens or enjoy the game by playing each level - just say when posting.


Busy again next week so will get some more play in at the end of the round. We have until the 30th for this one.


Have fun and join in with some scores.

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14 hours ago, onlyinajeep said:

O'Riley's Mine -> $1,245,000 - Level 13

vid: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1904154901?t=00h03m20s

Welcome onlyinajeep :thumbsup: Next poll will start in a few days, if you have any favourite games add them to the games list thread ;)


3 hours ago, McKong said:

I'm stuck on 'Warehouse' on Manic Miner, I didn't know you could skip levels, I might have to do that as I'm not getting anywhere near to finishing that screen

yes use the level skip code, we may as well practice the levels as it's a long learning curve starting at 1 each time.

Is there a bloomin' pause key on the game anyone? 😦


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2 hours ago, McKong said:

Mani Miner - Finally beat 'Warehouse' and got half way through 'Amoebatron's Revenge' level 18. I'm playing from the start each time, haven't given up yet!

Way to go McK :thumbsup: will give it some more play time next week.


New poll soon :!:


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Manic Miner reached 10,260 The Vat :)


On 8/26/2023 at 2:15 PM, therealbountybob said:

POLL for the next round is NOW OPEN:

https://forums.atariage.com/topic/354276-hsc20-round-15-poll/ ;)



Reminder this Extended Round ends Weds 30th August 10pm UK time :!:



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