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TI-99/4A FinalGROM´99 and FlashROM99 repository (v1.42)


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so here are my latest TI-99/4A repositories for FlashROM99 and FinalGROM´99.


These are not images, but just ZIPs for unpacking & copying to the (FAT32-)SD-Card.

I think (!), ALL BINs, available up to today, are inside. If not, please post them here.


The FG99 ZIP already contains ALL FR99 files (!)


If you see errors, have ideas, do not like some sorting or whatever, pls let me know here.

I will continue maintaining these files, as I use both cartridges.






Info: Please be aware that you cannot use subfolders on the FR´99, they are there in for general sorting (for the later FG´99 merge).

So the max limit of 169? files per SD card for the FR´99 is kept.

For the FR´99, just copy 1 folder´s content to the root of the SD, or pick up what you need.



Here we go: (v1.42)


Changes in v1.42: Sorted out more doubles, testet more BINs, new subfolders/menues for \Office\MiniWriters






FG99: (includes the above ZIP)





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Update v1.42
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Posted (edited)


So I completed some missing new BINs (found them on WHT:thumbsup: now) and checked a lot more.

As my 2 FR´99er did not run in past but 1 does now, I was able to check some mroe files if running on FR´99 and moved them there.


i.e. the XB GEM 2.9 does not start on FG´99 (and some other), so I have to check that next.

(happens on both of my FG´99ers, but I think this my fault however)


I see now that some BINs will produce more than 1 menu entry on Startscreen,

so I will revise that and maybe create subfolders for some single of these files,

so that there is not so much struggle on the menu if oto much files reside in one folder...


Have fun (v1.41)







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Next step this weekend (so I hope), is to fetch out all double BINs that I saw today  👀

They are due to different naming for the same things, what I diddent recko in the past  :dunce:

This will clean out double and triple menue entries.



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For the FR99er repository, if you saw this "DAILY" (quick access) subfolder with (wanted) doubles,

I will use (or expand or fill) this folder with more copies of the mostly wanted and needed (FR99-capable) BINs,

so that it is a good start to have a first SD-card for the FR99 with quick access for daily work.


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1 hour ago, sometimes99er said:

Do you have my latest game "Blockbuster" in there ? Couldn't find it, but didn't do much search.



Hi, there is a blockc.bin in the Game16 subfolder, maybe this ? I will check later....

If not, or so or so, can you post the BINs here ?





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2 hours ago, sometimes99er said:

Do you have my latest game "Blockbuster" in there ? Couldn't find it, but didn't do much search.



Yeah, it´s there and it works :thumbsup: (that´s the reason why my answer took so long) :-D super cool game 🥰



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