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Question on Both Heading to the PRGE & Doing Any Autograph Signing.

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The Portland Retro Gaming Expo will be my very first time in going to any real retro gaming convention and the good news is Ill be hanging around at the Atariage table but the bad news I wont be able to buy anything there as we had to spend $2000 on a new dehumidifier for the house. Last month we found molds all over the air vents and had to have the vents under the house to check and no one here had install any dehumidifier so it mean I don't have any spending money other then food its will be like going to a all you can eat Buffet and all I can have a free water. But I still wanted to go and see you guys there as its is my very first real video game convention and as a gamer this will be also like being in Disney World and never gone to the rides. And that's why I'm bring this up as I was wondering if I can make any money on doing Autograph Signing on most of my box artworks I did on games that's at the PRGE and if so what's the best amount to offer?

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