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Paperclip 3 and/or other word processor recommendations on C64 floppy

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Wow, I was using a great floppy word processor called "Pocket Writer", used it once in the day, loved it, came back at night to try to play with it again, and the disk will just not load. Somehow, it's just gone now, just like that.


That said, the only other one I know on floppy for the C64 is Paperclip. Does anyone else know of any other relatively easy to use word processor for the C64 on floppy?


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I had Paperclip and Paperclip 3. I always liked Paperclip 3, it worked pretty well for me. I remember the author of Paperclip, Steve Douglas, posted a bit about how Paperclip 3 worked in comp.sys.cbm back in 2002. He talked about how Paperclip 3 had a module system and how he was working on a preliminary design for a spreadsheet module. He had made a few other modules and including a game. He was willing to give info on how to make the modules for it but no one in the thread asked (well at least publicly). You can see his comp.sys.cbm post here. Hopefully he has found the game since then, heh.



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Before I bought the Paperclip3, I found in an old box of disks a super one called PocketWriter 2. It loaded and worked fine the first time yesterday, and then the second time it just would not load no matter what. Now it is just... dead, hence the Paperclip3 purchase. But that was one was amazing if anyone does ever come across it. So easy to use!

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I was particularly partial to 64 Power Pack for the longest time, until I found some great productivity software in Loadstar 128.  I did a review of the 64 Power Pack here: https://www.my64.in.nf/doku.php?id=reviews:powerpack


It actually has a pretty good spell checker, which I thought was awesome for a C64 back then.

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I used to use Font Master II, from Xetec (they also made great printer interfaces). Even programs like Speed Script, Super Script, and Word Writer were good. Word Writer's 128 programs were quite good.

There are several down load sites for Font Master II. Try it, you might like it.



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