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Unresolved Symbol List?


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Definite n00b here...I have recently been messing around with bAtari Basic and have made a few example/demo programs and even a game that was essentially an elaborate hack of another game.  However, I purchased the book "Programming Games for Atari 2600" by Oscar Toldedo G. and wanted to learn to program using assembly.  I ran into problems immediately when trying to compile the example demo at the beginning of the book.  I resolved some of them since it mostly had to do with how I indented the code, but I'm not sure what to do about the remaining problem.  Forgive my extreme ignorance, I'm wanting to learn and thanks in advance for any advice/solutions as well.




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14 minutes ago, splendidnut said:

You need to put a copy of 'vcs.h' in your project folder and use an include statement near the top of your source code:    include 'vcs.h'


The vcs.h file is where things like COLUBK, VSYNC, etc. are defined.

Much thanks for the reply.  Before I had a chance to see this and update with a post, another user had PM'd me and said the same thing.  After adding that, the code compiled, and I received a flashing pink screen.


There was another issue with my code as well.  I had a "WSYNC" where a "VSYNC" should have been.  After fixing that little mistake, I got a blue screen which is what the "demo" exercise in the book was supposed to do.PSCRN.jpg.09e6d820ce186cdbc104d905226ff61b.jpg


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Here is the result of the first demo exercise:


Not much, and more easily achieved by using bAtari Basic, but I'm interested in pushing forward with the exercises in this programming book and learning 6502 Assembly.  Currently, I'm using Microsoft's Visual Studio Code with the Atari Dev Studio extension.


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