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New 512 bytes demo released: Raw Shark


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Hello everyone,


just wanted to let you know that I released another 512 bytes demo. This time the focus is on trying to get a rather good looking plasma effect using a "feature" of the 2600 to our advantage: mirrored playfield. However, to squeeze more bits in one line, I'm also using sprites at the sides.


The platform used is CommaVid, so I can pre-calculate some data. There is also a version running on SuperCharger available, but since RAM access there requires more effort, so that version is more that 512 bytes in size. It won a rather surprising second place in the 512 bytes compo. Ah, and you can also use the color / b/w switch to go back from the colorful mode to the monochrome one from the beginning.


The homepage of the demo is https://xayax.net/raw_shark/. You can also watch the demo in the browser thanks to Stellerator.


The name is a pun on Rorschach, which was using in the comic that inspired this demo.

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I did not try runing it on my 2600 (I only have the SECAM one here ^^), was a bit puzzle about what I saw... then tried the `_pal_2k` file instead of the `_ntsc_2k` and it might be the case that there is something wrong with stella interpretation of the ntsc version you provided ^^ (stella 6.7 here)


really clean interpretation. Makes me need to improve my own plasma-ish effect before I dare releasing it :D

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4 hours ago, Windless said:

Makes me need to improve my own plasma-ish effect before I dare releasing it

Well, I wanted to quit this idea about four times until I got something that I was okay with. It wasn't fully what I had envisioned, but it got rather close, and I'm not sure that my original idea would have made a difference, visually.

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