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128kb Kernel


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From what I understand, bB encodes the return bank with the return address for a gosub, taking advantage of the limited address range of the high bit. There is not enough unused address space to encode the return bank for the 32 banks required for a 128K game, so such an addition would require some work under the hood for bB, which isn't something anyone wants to take on at the moment. The framework by RevEng that @splendidnutlinked to is a way around this limitation, but you have to manage your own jumps between banks. 

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Yeah, the multi kernel framework has long supported up to 256k ROM even with SuperShip RAM.  There are challenges:


* Each 4k must be compiled separately and joined via the command line manually.

* Since each 4k is a separate game you get the same storage size limitations as a 4k game.  Usually in multi bank games bB stashes many things in the last bank making other banks seem roomier.

* You cannot mix and match kernel options.  So, no standard kernel in one bank and multi sprite in another.

* You will need to find out for yourself whether a particular mini kernel works well with the multi kernel framework   This is seldom explored territory.

* VisualbB seems to have trouble loading/displaying/organizing MKF projects with more than 8 banks.  Not sure how Atari Dev Studio handles MKF projects.


UPDATE:  To be clear these are personal experiences and not complaints.  The multi kernel framework is for power users.  Everything is a tradeoff with 2600 game making.


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