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We Love Atari Limited Re-Print (Pre-Orders Open now)

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Just in case you missed the news in the Atari area, after 3+ years I have decided to try for a re-print of We Love Atari volumes 1&2.

This is a limited re-print and pre-orders will close on Saturday 2nd November so please spread the word. This will possibly be the last-ever re-print of We Love Atari so don't miss out!

If the pre-order doesn't hit a minimum of 100 books, I really won't be able to justify the costs - so if you missed these the first time, this is your chance. Should I not make the minimum of 100 orders, I will refund everyone and cancel the re-print.

More information at https://zafinnbooks.com (including sample pages and pre-order information).


Costs: Yes, they have risen since I printed this the last time, everything from paper, packaging and printing has risen since 2019. The worst part is the shipping, but I've tried to keep this as low as possible (even with tracking). Sadly, these factors are out of my control, but the updated books do weigh in at over a 1kg each (312 full colour pages per book). The double pack (volume 1 and 2 together) has a cost saving of €10 (~$12).


Ask any questions via the website (or here at AA), and thanks again for all the kind words and support. GameGuide Jaguar is still coming for sure, just pushed that out until the new year for now 😉


Best regards,





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