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Ide kits for the Atari Portfolio are back in production


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Hey guys and gals its only been 2 years since i started production on an ide module for the Atari Portfolio and without the help from Doug Smith we would be another 2 years before we would be ready for production. 


We have a prototype of the Atari Portfolio Ide kit, Doug said he can design a whole new circuit board and then we would send off th cad file to china for 10 boards at a time , totally populated and tested. We are looking realistically at a lead time of more than two months on this IDE kit.


Doug was saying to me that everything is so close together on the top of the Parallell interface, it will be a real difficult time cutting traces on both sides of the Parallel Interfaces then he discovered that these traces only go to the row of inductors on the top of the board an easy modification just remove specific inductors from the board. So we are a go with this project !!!!!


I intend to purchase ide to cf adapters from Amazon and then also purchase CF to SD adapters to complete the project. 


Russ Campbell


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On 10/18/2023 at 4:12 AM, rcamp48 said:

I intend to purchase ide to cf adapters from Amazon and then also purchase CF to SD adapters to complete the project. 

I didn't know CF to SD adaptors even existed, but they do, so I though I could get off my ancient 4MB, 10MB & 48MB CF cards (seen in the link below) with these...






But when I plugged it in (with a wall transformer powering my PoFo) it just crashes without even attempting to access it, sometimes giving me a low power warning :(


I thought, what could be using so much power, so I opened it :)






Can't tell what chip that is, they have sanded off the surface :(

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