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UNO needs fixed!


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 When the computer plays a wild card to change the color that is being played, it will pick the same color being played! Last game I played, I played a wild card and changed the color to yellow. The computer immediately play another wild card and picked...yellow! Not a way a person would play it. I keep a wild card as long as possible and maybe go out with it. The computer should have played a yellow card instead. A lot of times the computer will play a wild card and pick the color that is being played.

I tried contacting UBISOFT, but they make it hard to make a suggestion.


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I find it crazy that a lot of the board game compilations normally have crazy low ratings.  You would think that of all the different types of games and AI needed to play all sorts of MUCH more complicated titles, that it would be easiest to at the very least get the simple Uno, Battleship, Boggle, Monopoly type games right.

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Old topic, but I used to love UNO on the 360. Microsoft really tried to bring gamers together back in the day. Online was where it was at in 2006 (Almost 20 years ago!) and this was always a relaxing, nostalgic good time. 

Apparently, lots of things were broke when they brought it to the One, including online play.  I saw an article from March of this year that said there was an update that fixed the online issues, maybe they also fixed the AI problem? 

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UNO just got dummer! Downloaded the "new" update last night and the computer still plays a color changing card and keeps the same color! On one round one of the computer players played a color changing card and kept the same color and then the next computer player played a color changing card and, you guessed it, kept the same color! The biggest blunder was a computer player played a color changing card with only 2 cards left and called UNO, and the next computer player played a reverse card going back to the computer with the one card left and went out! When the cards were laid down the computer that played the reverse had 2 other cards that could have been played and maybe another player could change the color or something else to keep the computer from going out!

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