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What's your VCS setup look like?


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I have 2 setups. One is my black walnut game console (Atari OS plus a modified version of the Debian stick running various emulators), the other is a slightly modified onyx I'm calling my Vader (I changed the logo to be red), running as my desktop PC (dual booting Win 11 and Ubuntu 22). Both have internal drives and 32Gb RAM upgrades.




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1 hour ago, Thanone said:

🤑🤤 it's beautiful!

Thank you so much! While I know many people aren't that enamoured with the VCS, the nostalgia has reawakened my love to build PC's and make the software so what I demand lol. 

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4 hours ago, ATekGuy said:

Oh, and my USB drive for the Atari-flavoured Debian 11 (from the official USB stick) with all my gaming software 🤣


where did you get this??

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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, Crazy Climber said:

Black Onyx with an old Apple keyboard/mouse (USB) the latest edition to my small 7' by 10' game "closet" 


(End of 15 second  video shows VCS)




WHAT THE @%!& I can barely even get it to run steam big picture!!!

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I've got a Frankenstein setup going on. A 500gb SSD as the main boot windows drive and drive for more demanding games, a 1tb HDD for emulators and roms/isos, and a usb hub with dongles for wireless keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. I have it hooked to my TV.


Yeah its dusty and cat hair gets everywhere.





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