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What are you playing on Odyssey 2 right now?

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I'm playing Golf on my PC using DOSBOX.  I'm using my Hyperkin Trooper joystick mapped to the arrows keys and Right Shift using a little helper app called JoyToKey.  It's working great!  




I think of this Odyssey 2 golf game as the back nine of Atari 2600 Golf.  

Together, they give me 18 holes of glorious, big pixel, retro golf to play on my PC.  Love it!  


What do other people like to play on Odyssey 2?  

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2 hours ago, ls650 said:

I'm always interested in playing UFO!



Pretty cool.  The glowing lights remind me of Defender.  Seems like a good way to play is just to hold the button down and fire continuously.  Then you're just moving your ship around to avoid being hit and to aim your rotating wave of bullets at all your enemies!  Fun!  

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On 11/4/2023 at 7:20 PM, LS650 said:

I always find the best way to play UFO! is not to shoot with your guns, but to instead stalk the enemy ships and bump into them with your force field!

I tried your suggestion.  I see what you mean.  That does seem to be a good way to play UFO!  


I was recently playing a homebrew called Death Race.  It's pretty good.  




What Odyssey 2/Philips/Videopac games have you guys been playing recently?  

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Been playing KC munchkin a lot. I like playing on game #1 (It feels the most like Pac-Man, which is strange as I'm not a big Pac-Man player). I've gotten a score as high as 1850 something. When I sit down to play I normally score at least around 600 points, but my minimum is around 300ish. 

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