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Geist (homebrew game)


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This is the first version of my homebrew game "Geist" (4K). I included a few screenshots below, and the BIN file.


The purpose of the game is maneuver a ghost through the door(s) on top of the current room without getting caught by enemies. The ghost is controlled through the four direction buttons (LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN). Holding FIRE will turn the ghost invisible. There is no time limit for staying invisible. As long as the ghost is invisible, it cannot move, but it cannot be hurt either. Besides for avoiding enemies, this is useful for figuring out enemy behavior (example: some enemies stop moving or disappear temporarily when the ghost is invisible), as well as the opening / closing scheme of the doors. Without figuring these behaviors out, it can be challenging to complete some of the rooms.


The game has infinitely many rooms that are randomly selected from a pool, such that each gameplay is likely different from the previous one. Upon leaving a room, points are given according to the number of features that the room contained.


I hope you have fun playing this game.









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