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Flashback Gold 12

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1 hour ago, aders said:

I just bought this unit (model 818858028271) that was released in October (according to the Amazon listing). I haven't updated the fimwear yet. I have seen hacks to add games to the earlier models. Do any work with this one? Thanks.

Officially no, there is no hack to add games, other than maybe sticking roms in a /GAME folder on a USB attached by OTG adapter might work.  I recently saw this unit on Amazon, but I'm not really sure how or if it differs from the AFB 50th anniversary unit.  They have almost the same model number (3080 vs 3080B).  Might just be re-badged, or it might have additional changes (usually there are minor changes in library with each release and they tweak the software in some fairly mysterious ways). 


So the firmware for the AFB50 might work.  But it seems there is an official 1.1.1 firmware update already available for AFB12.  I don't have one and not sure I ever will buy one.  There is my 2600+ coming and the GameStation Pro and considering I still use the AFB9 I just don't need any more Atari Flashbacks.  What I can do is try to apply the patch to generate a CFW for AFB12 and you can try it out if you want to.  I am unable to actually test it.

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Hi Brad, I also picked up an Atari Flashback 12 gold recently and would love to be able to update the firmware to support otg micro SD card. Above I see you offered to create an untested firmware for us. I would love to take you up on your offer. Can you share a patched custom firmware for the Atari Flashback 12 gold with me?


What happens if the firmware doesn't work, how do i recover the flashback 12? Do I just need to reflash the official release?


Thanks for offering to make us a custom firmware for us.

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4 minutes ago, swlovinist said:

Can someone explain to differences between the Flashback Gold 12 and the 50th Anniversary Edition?   

It appears to have the same game list as the AFB 50th Gold.  Basically as far as I can tell it has been re-badged to remove the 50th logo, add back the Atari Fuji symbol and market as AFB 12 Gold.

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On 12/5/2023 at 11:16 PM, Brad_from_the_80s said:

Another hint this is just a very minor re-badge... they couldn't be bothered to update all the product photos.  Just the picture on the box with the new logo.


Based on this, do you think it would be worth a shot to attempt flashing your latest 50th custom firmware patch over the latest official 12 firmware? Or flash the unit with the official 50th firmware then the custom? Or is this a terrible idea altogether? Thanks!

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Well my new Gold 12 arrived yesterday so I decided to give it a go. Thought I’d share the results in case anyone else is interested or is on the fence about it.


I’ve had a 9 Gold & an X Deluxe that I’ve played around with for some time now. Both were flashed and run Nexus & custom builds with box art. But I wanted another unit with paddles for use in my home arcade, alongside several modded minis. When the 2600+ was released I started to consider it but soon realized that it was running on a system pretty similar to the flashbacks, just one using physical carts. Since I was happy with my other flashbacks I decided to go with the 12 at less than half the initial cost & not having anywhere to put my cart collection with several other minis, & arcade & pinball machines, space is at a premium. I have a substantial cart collection but to me this is like any digital vs physical medium argument. The DVDs & carts either end up in the way or get stored in crates in a closet because your wife is tired of seeing them laying around. Digital takes up zero room & is at your fingertips. 


Anyway, the unit arrived with the v1.1 firmware installed. After a little play testing, I flashed it with the official v1.1.1 firmware for the 12 from the At Games website. The .IMG worked fine when placed in the root directory of the USB, so there’s no need to hook it up to your PC, or press the reset button, or use flash tools. 

Next I flashed it again with Brad’s custom firmware patch v1.1.1 for the 50th Gold. Despite the 50th vs 12 labeling, I can confirm that this firmware does indeed work on the 12 Gold.
In my opinion these units are one & the same, simply with a different box & a different logo on the front. In fact straight from the box the model number in the 12’s menu is listed as AR3080, which is the model number of the 50th (the 12 is model number AR3080B). This didn’t change with the official v1.1.1 firmware either, so it’s is either an oversight, or the firmware is the same. I am confident it’s the later. 

For my collection I decided to use only the rom folder, mount, & startup from Drax’s ATARIv2.1. I also made a sanitized games listing to make it family friendly since this is going in my game room. The results are a seamless integration of 959 games, 96 pages worth, with box art, all loading, displaying, & playing as if the 12 came from the factory that way. It is stable & the paddles work fine even with the added games. For my application this beats the 2600+ hands down. Yes, the controllers aren’t up to par compared to originals, but I’ll take this setup any day. The menu is intuitive & when folks come by to play in the arcade they’ll instantly know what to do with it. 

There is one caveat however, but only when using the Nexus builds. These do tend to freeze up at odd times, as other have mentioned, when using them with the 50th Gold. Probably something to do with the massive file structure. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 

Hope this helps anyone who’s considering buying the 12 Gold. Go for it. 


Flash with confidence. It works! 



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