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Difficulty switches reversed


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here's what Plaion and Atari should do if it cannot be reversed via firmware - just redo the top with correct labeling and issue a replacement program that they send you the top as a free replacement with just the top and you transfer your rockchip board to the correct version.


I doubt a firmware update will in other means "correct it" it all relies on the traces since it's correct on the PCB - usually firmware updates cannot reverse switches if one thing is incorrect.

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On 11/26/2023 at 11:26 PM, jeremiahjt said:

The functions of the difficulty switches are reversed in the manuals, which should make them "correct" on the 2600+.

Ah see this might be why I didn’t think there was an issue with the labelling, but I think I noticed that there’s also zero consistency in how they are used: some say B for normal play and some use that as the hard setting. Honestly why have these switches at all when game carts can have multiple game modes?


re: instructions, I print off the PDFs and keep them in a big tabbed file folder near my carts. I suppose it’s not necessary given I have the PDFs, but using physical carts to play games it feels like I should be leafing through literal pages of instructions too!

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