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Du2k version 3.0

F.G. Kaal

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Hi all,


There is a new version of Du2k v3.0 available here hexbus.com/ti99geek/Projects/du2k/du2k.html

and here.


Du2k now allows the creation of 8 partitions for an IDE (master or slave) device. The maximum number of IDE devices is still 8 (IDE1 - IDE8) but now you don't need a slave device if you need more than 4 partitions or you can have i.e. 6 partitions on a master IDE device and 2 partitions on a slave IDE device. The download also contains a Du2kv30.bin file for use with the FlashRom99 and FinalGrom99 modules.




Fred ;-)



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3 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

To the UberGROM gurus: can this be easily integrated into the Extended BASIC 2.7 Suite?

I'll have to look at @Gazoo's code to see what can be done there, as he used a bit of a brute force approach to build it (this was done before the regular UberGROM programming tools were released).

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